Custom logs/error exceptions on client side to Kibana server


I basically want to logs some custom events, error exceptions on my kibana client and send them to the kibana server. What could be the possible ways in which i can achieve this ?
PS: custom events include visiting a particular dashboard or something like clicking the save button.


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If I understand correctly, you basically want to collect some analytics on Kibana usage?

You'd need to write a plugin for this, but the plugin system is under heavy development and a plugin that's this deeply integrated with Kibana would probably break in the future. Unfortunately there isn't a good solution for your use case at this time. I think ideally this would be baked into core Kibana, feel free to open an enhancement request on our github repo.


Kibana currently logs server requests and response, can't i send a request like that to the kibana server and try to handle it on kibana server ? Something like a new route to which i will send this request to and when this request comes to the server, it logs it. but where would i do this, i can't seem to understand.
This is a thing I need in urgent so just trying to figure out some approaches quickly.

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Well, you could write a plugin that adds an extension point that taps into Hapi's request lifecycle. But as I mentioned there's no guarentee such a plugin would work in future versions of Kibana.

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