Text Wrap on Vertical Bar or Line Chart

Using Kibana 4.6.1.

I have made a ton of custom visualizations (customer facing) for a bunch of metrics. I am using filter matches with labels to make it more understandable to the user.

So it looks like the label only has 20 allowable characters. Meaning "abcdefghjklmnopqrstu" would show up correctly. But anything longer would show up as "abcdefghjklmnopqrstu..."

So the question is, can the legend be made to word wrap with a visualization code behind parameter? -Or- can it be made so that if the user performs a mouseover of the label that it gives a hint of the full text? Right now, I can't find a way to allow the user to see the full text in any way.

There isn't an easy way in 4.x unfortunately. Filter labels are automatically truncated based on width of the bar it's labelling, so less bars will allow for longer labels. Another option is hovering over the bar will give the filter in a tooltip.

If upgrading is an option at some point, in the 5.x line hovering over the legend will give you a tooltip, and there are more options for configurable label widths:

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