Labels / characters / texts are not visible properly for Legend Position in Kibana Dashboard

I've setup a Visualization with few Required fields for the different systems with Split Series in Kibana. (for e.g. systems are numbered like SU01, SU02 ... SU013) and each system is installed with different Software (SW) Versions / Java Versions.

If I want to see installed SW and Java Versions for all SU01, SU02 ... SU013 systems, I'm unable to see few last characters of Java version. So, whatever the labels are defined for Legend Position - top, left, right and bottom, the texts are being hidden in Visualization.

How to clearly see the Legend position data ?

Elastic and Kibana version used: 7.17.0

Hey! which version of kibana are you using? On 7.15 we added support for long legends.

Here is a screenshot in Lens, you can see that the user can define the legend lines. Here is the PR

Same settings have been added to TSVB.

Hello @Stratoula_Kalafateli,

Thanks for responding to my query and giving some hints on where to change in Legends option.

I was using both the Elastic and Kibana of 7.17.0 version.

I'll cross check once again and try to do w.r. t whatever screenshot you have attached.

Hi @Stratoula_Kalafateli ,

Your screenshot helped me a lot.

I wasn't aware that, Maximum Legend Lines by default it has value 1. I changed it to 2.
Perfectly working. I'm happy to see the data and outcome format in the way I was looking for.

Thanks again for your details :slight_smile:

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