Kibana Timelion Legend Position

How can i change the legend position to top of the graph in timelion? Currently i am getting options for the legend position as north,south or no legend. I am using kibana 6.2.2. version

I am not sure what exactly you mean with "top of the graph"? The default option is, that it is at the top of the graph (or what option "north" would do. Are you looking into having it outside the chart? If so, that's not possible at the moment.


Hi @timroes
By top of the graph i mean currently i am getting all the labels in a column format one below the other. But i want it to be in row format labels next to each other.Because i am showing top n values in the timelion and the labels are overlapping the lines of the graph so to avoid that how can i display the labels in row format?


to display multiple columns in the legend, you can use the columns parameter to the legend function like that:


which would result in the legend now being 5 columns wide, instead of one.


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Hi, @timroes
I want labels as row format like
label 1:a,label 2:b
Currently i am getting in column format as
label 1:a
label 2:b

Is it possible to position it like this?

Have you tried the above method? Could you please make a screenshot showing your expression and output?

The above method worked Thank you. :slight_smile:

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