AWS Elasticsearch kibana visualization text in legend truncated


I have AWS elasticsearch v7.1. I am able to see legend in dashboard with text, however if some of the long text in legend gets truncated. How do I change that?



We don't officially support AWS Elasticsearch. Please contact AWS team for further support on this.

Thank you for response. I was asked to post my query here as aws seem to think this is more of opensource elastic community question on kibana product then aws question.

Is this affecting the legend or the axis? Is the issue visible in Visualize also, or only on Dashboard? Could you give us some details on how to reproduce the issue?

It is impacting legend. If look at the screenshot, it is one of my sample created chart where last legend appears to be truncated. It should show the full text but it is not the case. please advise.

Values are truncated when there is not enough space to display the full title. In the Data section of the visualization, you can add a custom label for the Y-Axis. That value will be displayed as the legend title and if it's short enough, it won't be truncated.

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