Kibana 6.5.4: error on unfolding legend

Hey there,

don't know, if this is already known, but I encounter a bug in the legend of visualizations in 6.5.4 of kibana.

I have just a visualization with legend:

If I click on one legend entry the legend should get unfolded, that I can filter for or against one of the entries and that I can pick the colors.

It works fine, as long as the unfolded legend fits into the space of the visualization. If it dont' the legend flickers and collapses again. If I switch to fullscreen and the legend has enough room to unfold, it works as expected.

Can you reproduce? If so, please fix it.
Thanks, Andreas

Certainly sounds like a bug, but I don't quite understand what you mean about the legend fitting or not fitting in the space. Would you mind posting this as a bug on our issue tracker? What you have here is a sufficient explanation, except for a little clarity on the space part. If you can create a gif showing the issue, that would be even better, but isn't a requirement.

Sorry for my long delay for answering, was busy on another project.
With space I mean the following:
The blue box is the available space for the legend. It is inidirectly sized by the y size of the visualization.

When I click on a legend entry, kibana will expand the shown text to the full text (full length), will show the magnifying glasses for include / exclude filtering and it will show the color dots to change the color.

If that new legend context needs more space / more pixels than the blue box provides, I got this error I mentioned.

I can create a bug next week. Currently I have no access to the elastic stack where the error is occurring.

OK, I think I understand what you're saying now. That interface should scroll so you can get to all the labels. It works for me in master (which is more or less 7.0).


Maybe it was broken in 6.5.4, I haven't tried standing up that version of the stack.

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