Kibana 6.5.4: error on unfolding legend


Hey there,

don't know, if this is already known, but I encounter a bug in the legend of visualizations in 6.5.4 of kibana.

I have just a visualization with legend:

If I click on one legend entry the legend should get unfolded, that I can filter for or against one of the entries and that I can pick the colors.

It works fine, as long as the unfolded legend fits into the space of the visualization. If it dont' the legend flickers and collapses again. If I switch to fullscreen and the legend has enough room to unfold, it works as expected.

Can you reproduce? If so, please fix it.
Thanks, Andreas

(Joe Fleming) #2

Certainly sounds like a bug, but I don't quite understand what you mean about the legend fitting or not fitting in the space. Would you mind posting this as a bug on our issue tracker? What you have here is a sufficient explanation, except for a little clarity on the space part. If you can create a gif showing the issue, that would be even better, but isn't a requirement.