Bug with legend when it's bottom

I've ugraded to V8 yesterday, and i have some bugs.

When i modify a graph, if the legend is "bottom", when i save, i have a big white space under the graph between the legend and the bottom of the frame.

The space is still here in the dashboard.

If i choose right, no problem.



Which version of the stack did you upgrade to? V8.0.0? 8.2.0? 8.3.0?

And which particular graph do you see this error? Lens and its chart types?, xy aggregation visualizations?



Thanks for the answer.

The stack is in 8.3.

All "aggregation based" graph. Lens is good.

Aggregation based:


I have too much graph for converted them in Lens.


@Stratoula_Kalafateli does this ring any bell?


Thanx for pinging me @bhavyarm
This seems as a bug in Visualize editor. I created an issue here [Visualize] Positioning the legend on the bottom creates a big white space · Issue #135979 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

@franckfct thanx for submitting this issue! We know that it is difficult to manually migrate the charts in Lens especially if there are a lot of them. We are working on making the transition easier! We have already done it for TSVB timeseries graphs. You can check it out! If the TSVB chart can be converted in a Lens visualization you will see an "Edit visualization in Lens" button that will redirect you to Lens with your current configuration. We are planning to do this for the aggregation based visualizations and the rest of the TSVB charts.

Thanks, i'm waiting for the package upgrade.

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