Thai Language support in Elastic App Search

When I search the data in Elastic App Search (all of the documents is in Thai), the result wasn't match what should show up. Is there anyway to make the engine search in Thai better?
EDIT: I've already installed ICU plugins and create new engine and set it to Thai language, then index some documents, the results are still not good.
Example Documents:

  "c_name": "หลักสูตรนิติศาสตร์"

I think I should find this doc when I just search นิติ or just นิ, right now nothing appear when I search with those terms. I'm tested the query both in my VueJS project and Query Tester.

I just did the same thing again and it somehow worked. I create new engine and set the language to Thai, then I index the documents. Now, the app search query tester correctly search through the documents.

I founded out that I have to refresh the deployment (Maybe only Elastic Enterprise) after I installed the ICU plugins, then I create an engine which works fine.


I'm glad it's working for you!

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