The best platform in base to disk

Hi community,

I got a disk of 1TB, could you help me a create the BEST cluster? For example : 3 master (250GB per Server) and 1 node with 250 GB...or allinone without cluster....any idea?
Could you help me about RAM size and CPU per server too?

The idea is give the best performance for 1TB, on cluster or not It possible?


Any kind of sizing depends a lot on the use case, about which you have not provided any details. A search heavy cluster is generally optimized very differently from a cluster used for log analytics. What type of storage do you have?

Hi Chistian_Dahlqvist,

I just know any idea about which is the ideal in base a performace, if several disk (part of sizing) or one disk. The use case is only for input logs, can be a bit search but on Search type kibana.

Do you think?


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