The client site is going down due to after integrating Elastic search

The cpu goes high the drupal site code is one Aws ec2 server and elastic search on another ec2 server. Can some one point me where i can check the logs what can be the issue?

The location of the log files depends on how you installed and configured elasticsearch.

The likely places are:

  • A logs/ directory inside your Elasticsearch installation directory (if you installed from .zip or .tgz)
  • The /var/log/elasticsearch directory (if you installed from .deb or .rpm)
  • docker logs if you are running in docker (with the official docker image)

But it's possible to override any of those with configuration options.

I'm getting this log in entry as crash

[2018-10-18T04:42:21,518][WARN ][o.e.m.j.JvmGcMonitorService] [beppyc_] [gc][young][241875][1751] duration [1.4m], collections [1]/[1.7m], total [1.4m]/[1.7m], memory [509.7mb]->[445.2mb]/[1015.6mb], all_pools {[young] [64.3mb]->[3.2mb]/[66.5mb]}{[survivor] [8mb]->[5.1mb]/[8.3mb]}{[old] [439.2mb]->[439.3mb]/[940.8mb]}
[2018-10-18T04:42:21,524][WARN ][o.e.m.j.JvmGcMonitorService] [beppyc_] [gc][241875] overhead, spent [1.4m] collecting in the last [1.7m]

Do you have any idea what the error could be?

That is just a warning - it is not the cause of your crash.

You need to find the main elasticsearch logs.

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