The field "@timestamp" associate with this object no longer exists in the index pattern. please use another field

There have been multiple errors where the timestamp varies according to the source, the problem itself comes in the index pattern which does not know how to identify that it may be failing since it does not show data.

Hi @sebast.ssoto, welcome to the forum. I'm not sure exactly what is going on here or what you are trying to do. Can you please give some more details about your use case, which version of the Stack you are using, and what you are trying to do here?


Hello @jkambic in this instance I have several dashboards in an elastic cloud which began to give that error in most and do not show information. They are Cisco Switch dashboard and one of stealwatch but there are many that have the same error

hello @jkambic I'm working on an elastic cloud instance in which I have multiple dashboards for cisco, stealwatch, AV, etc. the problem is that out of nowhere multiple dashboards began to give this error and I do not know where to start to see what it can be.

Hi @sebast.ssoto,

Are these failing dashboards provided by Kibana or custom ones? It would seem some of the underlying index patterns have been modified or removed while the dashboard has not been updated accordingly.

I'd recommend start by figuring out which data sources the dashboards are querying underneath and whether those have been modified recently.

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