The length of the variable to display on visualization

Hi, i am sending a variable tag to the logs. I can see the variable value in elastic discovery but I am unable to see the value of that particular variable for a particular value on the lens table.

if the length of the value in the variable is too long, does that effect the table value.

when I sent the length up to 100 chars, it is visible, but more than that i could not find.

Thank you for the help

Hi @Anil_Alapati ,

have you clicked on the blue expand icon in the cell? That should open a popover with the scrollable full length of the cell value:



yes. I could see a variable ignore-above set to 256. Which lead to string disappear on Kibana. Any process to change it?

The ignore-above should affect both Discover and Lens.
If you can see the field content in Discover, then it should be visible also in Lens.

I could see it in Discover but not on lens. What could be the issue. And this happened not once..more than couple of times

Is it possible to post a picture of the Lens table with the field content truncate?
Also, what version of the stack are you using?

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