Them-based search

How can I build them-based search for grocery shopping for example if the customer searches for breakfast the app will show list of products tagged with breakfast only and if he searches for night-film-snacks it will display products tagged with this only ?

Hey Amer! For what you're describing, I'd suggest using tags as a filter field and not necessarily search by itself.

Here's a quick & basic JSON example:

  { "title": "cereal", "tag": "breakfast" },
  { "title": "bagel", "tag": "breakfast" },
  { "title": "popcorn", "tag": "night-film-snacks" }

You should be able to customize the Documents experience to filter by tag:

If you go to the "Reference UI" link in the sidebar, you can set it up like so to generate a similar Search UI of your own:

Hope that helps!

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