Options for automatic synonyms?

Hello, just getting started with elastic as a free user.

We are currently using a search engine that allows us to search well and rapidly, based on a tag system. So from what I can gather, the tags are similar to the concept of synonyms here. Say for example a chicken product will lead to any items containing the following tags:
frozen, produce, meat.

My issue is that these tags need to be defined and managed. Unfortunately, if we were to suppose the client is quite lazy and is incapable of defining tags or synonyms, and only provides the product description:
Corned Beef 100G ( Approx. Weight : 250 grams)

Is there a function that would automatically link this product based on other products of similar name? Of course, a "Beef bob police officer action figure" as strange as it sounds should not be part of the results, or at the very least, it would be at the bottom.

It's possible that there are a few other fields to base similarity on, such as category, item description, item title but generally the descriptors are quite scarce or even undefined. I was wondering if it was possible not to have to "'manage" these synonyms. Any AI solutions are welcome.

Again, quite new to the docs, so I may stumble on the answer as I search, but let me know if this is something that's possible.

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