There are no transform nodes available


I am configuring enroll an agent with endpoint and cloud security module and while it doing I'm getting error "Required transform failed" and "A required transform, endpoint.metadata_current-default-8.4.1, endpoint.metadata_united-default-8.4.1, is currently failing. Most of the time this can be fixed by restarting the transform"
Once I go to the Transform setting which is in Stack management there I can see the both services are stopped.
also give error message "There are no transform nodes available."

Is there any step by step troubleshooting since I am bit new to this tool :slight_smile:

Is your cluster in Elastic Cloud? Or did you set it up yourself?

This is self setup (2 Logstashs, 3 Elasticsearch and 1 Kibana server)

OK, so in elasticsearch.yml for your 3 Elasticsearch nodes you have specified a node.roles setting.

If you want to run transforms then your node.roles must include the transform role on at least one node in the cluster.

The docs for node roles are here: Node | Elasticsearch Guide [8.4] | Elastic

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Thank you for your quick response and this is much appreciated.

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