Can we update node roles of elastic using API

I do not have access to elasticsearch.yaml , can i update node roles of elastic using any API.

version - 7.17

No, not possible, node roles are defined in elasticsearch.yml and any change requires a restart of the node.

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I am working on setting up SIEM, where I am getting logs in kibana.log saying.

so transform role is mandatory to setup SIEM is it correct?

{"type":"log","@timestamp":"2023-06-28T09:28:32-04:00","tags":["error","plugins","fleet"],"pid":16268,"message":"Error: Error installing endpoint 1.3.0: status_exception: [status_exception] Reason: Transform requires the transform node role for at least 1 node, found no transform nodes\n    at ensureInstalledPackage (/usr/share/kibana/x-pack/plugins/fleet/server/services/epm/packages/install.js:191:11)\n    at runMicrotasks (<anonymous>)\n    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)\n    at async Promise.all (index 0)\n    at PackagePolicyService.create (/usr/share/kibana/x-pack/plugins/fleet/server/services/package_policy.js:145:33)\n    at createPackagePolicyHandler (/usr/share/kibana/x-pack/plugins/fleet/server/routes/package_policy/handlers.js:105:27)\n    at Router.handle (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/http/router/router.js:163:30)\n    at handler (/usr/share/kibana/src/core/server/http/router/router.js:124:50)\n    at exports.Manager.execute (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/toolkit.js:60:28)\n    at Object.internals.handler (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/handler.js:46:20)\n    at exports.execute (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/handler.js:31:20)\n    at Request._lifecycle (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/request.js:371:32)\n    at Request._execute (/usr/share/kibana/node_modules/@hapi/hapi/lib/request.js:281:9)"}`

It is not mandatory, your cluster will work without a Transform node, but some features will not work right.

I would recommend that you enable the transform role on one of your nodes.

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