There is no data to display. - beats via logstash

I have metricbeats and filebeats installed on various machines all sending data into elastic via haproxy -> logstash -> elasticsearch. I do see the data but in the Infrastructure tab I only see "There is no data to display" and many of the dashboards and visualizations are broken.

When installing the beats i did run setup --dashboards however did not run the setup --index-management

is setup --index-management the missing step or is there something different that needs to be done when beats are sending information in via logstash?

i went ahead and performed the *beats setup --index-management for all the beats type that i used and refreshed the kibana index patterns but the problem still persists.

When you ran the "setup" step was there data already in Elasticsearch? The new index template (mappings) are only applied to new indices. The existing data will need to be re-indexed OR removed depending on how important the existing data is to you.

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