Threshold coloring

(Emil Brolin) #1

Is there any way in VBTS to change the color of a line in Time Series depending on the value at the time, like one can in the metric part?

(Nathan Reese) #2

You can set a threshold line, but the line doesn't change color itself. You can open an issue at to track the feature request.

(Emil Brolin) #3

Sorry, my bad. I don't want a threshold line, I want the graph line to change color according to a threshold value. I.E. If the value is over x, I want the line/dots to be green, if under x, they should be red.

But I solved it by using Timelion and a condition. Then I generated two lines, one green and the other red.

.es(index=logstash-*, metric=sum:positive).subtract(.es(index=logstash-*, metric=sum:negative)).color(#ff0000).if(operator="gt", if=0, then=null).bars(),
.es(index=logstash-*, metric=sum:positive).subtract(.es(index=logstash-*, metric=sum:negative)).color(#00ff00).if(operator="lt", if=0, then=null).bars()

(Emil Brolin) #4

But it would be nice to have that function in VBTS for the time series and not only for the metric visualisations.

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