Threshold line in Kibana 5.4 bar chart

(Krishna) #1

Hi, I've created a bar chart in Kibana and want to add a threshold line. But as I see that there is no option to add a threshold line in bar chart. So, I want to add a scripted field with a constant value and add it in the bar chart so that it resembles like a threshold line. Can you guide me how to add a scripted field with constant value?

(Marius Dragomir) #2

Just type in the value that you want in the scripted field. That's all it takes.

(Krishna) #3

Hi Marius,

Thanks. That's easy. I could now create the scripted field of a constant value. Coming to my bar chart, how can I use the field to be represented as a threshold line. Please help...

(Krishna) #4

I've created the scripted field but after sometime it disappears... I don't understand what is modifying it!!

(Marius Dragomir) #5

It shouldn't be disappearing. it is tied to the index pattern, so if you change it, the field will not be there.
You can just add another metric with "Max" for the scripted field. in the line charts. Won't work for bar charts that well.

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