Add static line for Horizontal bar chart

Kibana version 6.7
We are trying to create a dashboard with a horizontal bar based on a field named duration of type number. We want to add a static line to show the Threshold of sorts for the entire series.
We followed this blog and this blog and created a scripted field with a value 10 and used it in my Y axis aggregation. Adding screenshots of my visualization settings.
We end up with a dot as our Threshold line in our graph instead of a line (as attached).
How do I draw a line across the entire series as marked in the screenshot?

Please let me know if any other details are needed.


Hi @pavank

You could do that using the Threshold line in Panel settings

Hope this helps,

ah sorry, you need 7.4 for it.

In 6.8 this might be possible using the Vega visualization:

Thank you Matt for this update.
I will try this out in the higher version of Kibana


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