How to put Horizontal line in kibana visualization? put static threshold line?

i am using kibana 5.2, how can i add static Horizontal line in kibana visualization.
i have a line chart which has Y axis between 0% and 100%. I want to have a threshold line at 95% .
how can i build it?
i had a solution to make it by scripted field but it is not the true solution because it shows multiple lines .

Not possible at the moment unfortunately, there's an open enhancement request on Github which you can :thumbsup: and/or add a comment about your use case to

You can do this with timelion can't you @Bargs?

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Ah yes that's a good point @warkolm, you can definitely do it in Timelion.

Thank you for reply.
i have visualization as line charts. is it possible to have my chart as it is and just ad the threshold line to that via timelion? or i have to do everything in timelion ?

It all has to be in timelion.

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