Time Filter in Kibana

Hi Team,

We have a requirement where we want to customize the time filter on Kibana.

We want that a user can only view data of last 2 days and not older than that. Is there any way to achieve that without deleting the data?


I would create a role with document level security that only show documents gte the last 2 days.

Then I would create a Kibana space and assign those users that role and assign them to that Kibaba space.

Then those users would only be able to access the document you defined

This is a paid feature however.

If this is not a hard / security requirement there are perhaps some other ways to limit / make it harder / less obvious ways to view older data, but the only secure way to do it would be with index or document level security.

Could you please suggest what are some other ways to limit, and less obvious ways to view older data, as we are using non licensed version at the moment and will upgrade when the solution is approved.

You can check filtred alias

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