Make filters option read only in Kibana

Hello Team,

We are using kibana for logs tracking purpose. Ours is a multi tenant application and i'm working on securing the kibana logs from different tenant users. The intent is to disable the filter option or make it read only as we are trying to redirect to kibana from our application by passing the filter at tenant level.

Is there any way where we can make this filter read only or hide from user so that they can not change the filter anytime.

Elasticsearch Version : 6.5.4


The closest thing to what you want to do is Document Level Security and Field Level Security.

Instead of passing the filter from the app, you can do a request to the api to add a specific role to the user that wants to check kibana so they'll only see data they have access to, like a filter, but not-editable by the user.

Thanks Marius for the suggested solution.

However this requires to have Kibana in non basic mode. Is there anything which you can suggest for basic licences kibana.

Hello Marius,

I was able to achieve the document level security through non basic license. Thank you very much for the help.

Is there anyway to achieve the same with Basic license.?

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