Global filter from specific Kibana instance

A customer with a particularly difficult performance problem regularly requests access to our performance logs stored in Elastic, viewed through Kibana. To assist this customer and not impact our internal Kibana instance we like to provide them their own Kibana instance, but restrict the data that can be seen on this Kibana instance. Is it possible to filter or restrict all queries coming from this customer's Kibana instance? Can a specific Kibana instance be configured to only show specific visualizations or spaces?

@nielsoncr there are a few things we can use here.

With regard to Kibana Privileges you can create a role which only grants them access to a specific Space: covers the options that we have here.

The user will also need Elasticsearch Privileges to be able to read the data for their visualizations. You can use document level security and field level security if granting a user read access to a specific index isn't granular enough.

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