Time filter is not working


this is our Canvas workpad:

As you can see time filter on top of the page does not work correctly regarding the elements presented in the data table.

This is the expression of the time filter:

This is the expression of both data tables:

Can it be that the time-stamp pattern is not correctly recognised?
We can order the rows according to the timespan in the Discover view:

What can we do so that the data tables are working correctly according to the chosen time span?
Moreover, I would like to know if the Canvas view is refreshing automatically when changing the time filter element.

Let's say that we want to delete the time filter element.
However, we still want to present the correct elements for the timespan between 2020-01-20 and 2020-01-31 in the data tables.
How do we need to edit the code in the expression editor?

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You might have a syntax issue in the expression of the time filter?
Why the duplicate quotes?

Also, there is a bug with sorting, but with other visualisation than tables.
Can you sort it in the dashboard feature?

Bug - https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/62770#issuecomment-713733516

You are right!
There was a syntax issue in the expression of the time filter.
I fixed it. Still, the problem is present.

In order to better explain what is going on, I recorded a video.

The data table does not automatically update when I change the time range.
The data tables update when I click on the "eye" symbol.
Is there a way how the tables automatically update when I change the time range?

Moreover, I would like to ask what I need to write in the expression editor of the data tables in order to filter the data tables between two given dates when I delete the time filter element?


could you respond to my answer, please?

Not sure what you are trying to achieve.
The filters are not meant to be changed frequently.
If you want the user to interact with the filters, try creating a data table in the visualization feature and then import it to Canvas. You will have a user filter

In the ESQL statement you can add a where clause and date conditions.

Where date >= <DATE> and date < <DATE>

You can also use NOW(), INTERVAL, etc.


Thank you for your answer!

Have you watched the video?
The data table has not updated itself after I changed the timespan.
An update only occurs after I clicked on the "eye" symbol.
Is this a bug?

Not sure.
Might be a bug.
Need to ask an Elastic team member.

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