Time range for url field populated with current dashboard value

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I am using a field formatter to create a "drill down" URL for a field that uses the {{value}} as part of the query within the formatted URL. I copy the URL for a dashboard with a place holder query to create the formatted field with a time range of something like now-90m. I would like to somehow be able to use the time range associated with the initial dashboard (which is likely user defined and maybe no where near now -90m) where the user is clicking the link rather than the time specified in the copied URL(now -90m). Is there a value or format for the time statement the formatted field that I can use to accomplish this?

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Hi @Larry_Schrader,

that is a very reasonable use-case. Unfortunately there is no way to access the currently selected time in the url formatter. There is an open request to allow access to all fields of a document in the formatter, which would at least allow to create a URL that sets the time based on the document's timestamp. Please feel free to add your use case to the request.

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