Time Series Sum aggregation

I have a series of endpoint readings each containing an integer value as read at that point in time (on the hour) and I am trying to generate a time series sum aggregation. I want to view it for a year but I want to keep the sum totals at what they were for each hour (rather than cumulating multple hours as the timeframe gets bigger.

I've been able to push down the interval to 5h for the year but still my results are 5x higher than they should be. Plus this obviously slows the panel down significantly. One thought I had was to override the scale. Is there a way in the TSVB to adjust the scale to compensate for the interval impact to the sums? Or is there a better way to accomplish this?

You can actually do this in TSVB using math: you can use params.sum / (params._interval / 1000 / 60)

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