Top hits aggregation in Time series Visual Builder

Is it possible to display the top hit value for each time interval considered using TSVB. I know that this exists in other Kibana widgets but want to see if this can be done in the time series panel in TVSB. I could not find top hit aggregation as an option when setting up time series. Thanks in advance.


There is a Top N tab inside TSVB that can show you the Top Hits, but that will only allow you to split by terms and not by time buckets.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I was looking for split by time buckets in TVSB for the Top Hits. Is this something that will be available in future versions?

There's nothing on the roadmap like this, but you can create an Enhancement Request in the repo and that will increase the chances of it being added on the roadmap.

Thank you. Will do.

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