TSVB Top Hit issue

I have a simple dataset in elastic that logs a timestamp and code field from a web service, the value of code is always 0,1,2 or 3 and changes frequently so I am polling it with logstash every 10 secs.

I am trying to make some gauges and metric visualisations for this data and works fine with standard kibana gauge or metric vis. However I find these to be quite limiting with scale/fonts/label issues and dont look good on a TV screen where I am displaying this.

TSVB gauges and metric solve all my scale issues and some of the options for coloring also solve some other problems of the regular kibana visualisations. Problem is I cannot get this dataset to work with TSVB even though I have similar datasets that work fine.

The main problem is trying to display the last value of the code field over time, I thought this would be a simple task. Using TSVB it seems fine when using a Count or Sum aggregation but when I try to use Top Hit I get nothing but zeroes for all values. I have tried using a range of different interval settings and can never get Top Hit to show anything.

What can I do to make this data work with TSVB Top Hit? also are there any troubleshooting steps I can do to see why its giving me 0's inststead of the value of the last records code field.

What version of kibana are you using? What does your TSVB configuration look like?

Below is an example top hits TSVB configuration using web logs sample data.

Latest version of Kibana but I have got it working a bit better now thanks for recommending the demo data it helped me to work out my issue having a good data set to learn how TSVB works.

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