TSVB Tophits aggregation for strings doesn't work

I'm using Kibana 7.13.2.
This is my data -

POST tsvb/_bulk?refresh
{  "date":"2021-07-14T00:03:13.679+02:00","words":["rain", "thunder"],"type":"monsoon"}
{"date":"2021-07-14T00:03:13.679+02:00","words":["sun", "heat"],"type":"summer"}
{"date":"2021-07-14T00:03:13.679+02:00","words":["cold", "snow"],"type":"winter"}
{"date":"2021-07-14T00:03:13.679+02:00","words":["cold", "umberella"],"type":"monsoon"}

I'm tying to create a TSVB table visualization with the above data. I'm expecting the data to look like this - (The below image was created using the "Table aggregation" visualization and I wanted to create a similar table using TVSB since I want to use the "last value" time range feature of TVSB on this table)

But the Tophits aggs of TSVB isn't working as expected, these are my setting and results :

I don't see any values under the "type" column..

Can I please get some help with this? Am I going wrong anywhere?

Can I get some help on this please? :pray:

Might be easier to get the table you want out of Lens than TSVB. In Lens "Top Hits" is called "Top Values"

Thanks for the reply.
Right, I can use Lens but it doesn't concatenate Top values if there are more than one .
For example in the image below I want to have a view like option "2"

As described in the OP, I get blank "Type" column in TSVB. Is that a bug in TSVB? can you please correct me if my TSVB configurations were wrong please?

PS: I want to use TSVB because I want to use the "last value" time range feature of TVSB on this table.

Hey @BitBucketUser_user, there were some limitations with top_hit aggregation in TSVB which will be solved in 7.15.0. You can find more information here


Thanks for the confirmation! :smiley:

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