Displaying String (Text) Value in TSVB


I would like to create a markdown in TSVB that display the top hit of following data:

query_id [string]
longest_duration [int]
highest_concurrent_transaction [int]

I would like to display all of them in a single visualization at the same time, with the latest data getting displayed. While I could get the integer values, I can't seem to get the string to show up. In TSVB, I can't query the text, instead I could only query the field query_id.keyword, which shows as "0".

I have also tried grouping them by terms but it seems that I can't just simply get the latest value of query_id

Any advice on what should I use if I want to visualize something like this?

Hmm, playing around with it, I myself can't get anything other than "0" to show up. Seems like a possible bug.

As a workaround you can just create a "metric" visualization, and do a "top hit" for each of the values you're wanting to show.


Thanks for your reply.

From what I understand and what I see from your screenshot above, .keyword fields should just output the string, right?
Should I report this as a bug that TSVB is unable to display string keywords?

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