TSVB Variable Name Markdown Syntax


I'm trying to create a TSVB visualization using Markdown to show values and some text. My problem appears when accessing label names while using date fields in a Terms aggregation because it overwrites the label. Is there a way to avoid this behaviour? If not, what's the syntax to access the variable name for markdown?

Thank you in advance!

What version of Kibana are you running?
What does your markdown look like?
What does your data look like (just the relevant fields used by your TSVB)?
Can you provide some screen shots and details on how label names are getting overwritten. What does it look like when it works? What does it look like when it does not work?

In newer version of Kibana, available variables are displayed in help text to the right of the markdown editor.

Hi again,

my bad, the version I'm running is 7.6.2 and this is how my data/markdown looks like.

As you can see, when a date field is used in a terms aggregation, the label name is replaced by the milliseconds representation of the date so using {{label}} is not really an option and that's why I need to use variable names to get the information but AFAIK there is no {{variable}} syntax or anything similar to get that value.

Again, this whole thing is a "hack" because I need to print date fields across different index-patterns and the only vis. that can do that is TSVB Markdown.

Thank you!

Have you tried using lens? It allows displaying data from multiple index patterns

Yes and unfortunately Lens doesnt solve my problem because I would need to use multiple Metrics or a table where each row is a different index-pattern.

If there's no way to access the variable field within TSVB using Markdown I believe there's no proper solution to my problem.

Thank you for your time !

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