Top Hit doesnt work in TSVB table


In TSVB table im not able to display any string type data using top hit. In the image below I have 1 user for every job id.

Hi, I have set up a similar use case and I also do not see values in a Top Hit column when the field type is keyword. Would you mind filing an issue in the tracker at Issues · elastic/kibana · GitHub?

Hi Tim, thanks for confirming the bug. I have opened the following github issue

Untill it gets fixed can you propose an alternate solution, Im stuck with this problem since a month. Im trying to do a summary of Inspection Job. Each job has a user, inspections, fails and fail rate. Where fail rate = (fails/inspections)*100. If I use table visualization I'm not able to show the fail ratio. If I try to use tvsb table I'm not able to show the user and other string type data. Kindly provide a solution to this.

Hoping for a quick resolve. Thanks a lot in advance.

Sorry, I'm not sure of any alternatives that I can provide you with. You could try creating a dashboard that has multiple types of visualizations, instead of have all the info in one table. But the downside is that you would have to visually correlate info between 2 different panels in the dashboard.

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