Time Series Visual Builder: Top N shows always 0


I am trying to get familar with time series visual builder. But I am not able to get something usefull in TOP N view. Where is my mistake?

For the background: I am trying to summarize esrally results.

Here is my configuration:

as you can see, all values are 0.
If I switch to Time Series, the values are shown:

Any idea where I am not thinking correctly or where I did some mistake?

Version is 6.6.2.

Thanks a lot, Andreas

Do you know the frequency of your data? From what I can see the issue is the auto bucketing is making buckets that are smaller than the data so when TSVB takes the last bucket for the Top N, it's empty. One easy way to solve this would be to set the interval in the options panel to >=1m. This will still use auto bucketing but only return buckets greater than or equal to 1 minute. This should fix your problem. You can experiment with the minimum bucket size in the >=1m by adjusting the date math portion, 1m, to the resolution that works best with your data.

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