Top N Visual Builder Count Not Working

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I've had various issues with the Top N displaying properly for the Visual Builder. On versions previous to 6.2.2, it would count the total instances but not always sort them in descending order. Currently, this is what I have going on:

The term being grouped is geoip.country_name.keyword. As you can see, it's showing zero across the board but if I build it via a table, as shown below, there are definitely values that can be counted. What am I doing wrong here?

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The way that Time Series Visual Builder works is different than a Data Table Visualization, because in TSVB, everything starts with a histogram that uses a time interval from a timestamp field.

It's easier to understand if you start from the "Time Series" chart. I made a chart with server logs and put it into a chart.

My mouse cursor is all the way to the left, and the legend is showing top terms for that last time bucket.

Without changing any of the panel options, I change to "Top N"

The terms here are just a "blown up" view of the terms shown in the last time bucket of the Time Series chart.

If you're getting only zeroes for the Top N chart, take a look at what the data looks like in the Time Series view. The time range could be expanded in a way that makes the last time bucket have zero counts for terms that exist in earlier time buckets.

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Doing as you said, here's what it looks like:

If I then switch to Top N, I get all zeros. If I refine the time frame to a small slice that has no zeros, then I get values in Top N. So I guess what I am trying to accomplish is a Top 10 of countries that appear in a given time. I like the vertical bar graph the TSVB provides, does one of the other visualizations more appropriately fit my needs/desires?

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Yes, you can choose "Horizontal Bar Chart" when choosing your type of new visualization:

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Ya, I asked the question before going and looking for myself, lol. I am currently playing with it, thanks for the help @tsullivan

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OK, one more question. With the TSVB, I could link the each Top N entry. I don't see the ability to do that with the Horizontal Bar visualization. Is there a way or different visualization that will give me that functionality as well?

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Sorry, that does not work for the "core" visualization types when the value to format is in the legend of a chart.

You can add a field formatter to an index pattern to have Kibana format the field how you want whenever it is displayed, but when it gets formatted in a legend, there is no clickable link:

The best I could get is something that looks like this:

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Sounds good, thanks again @tsullivan.

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