There is not data using visual builder

Hello, I am traying to use the data with visual builder but Kibana does not display any information when I try Top N or table, the informatión is displayed only using times series, however the information is in the database, I can use perfectly the information with other type of visualitations except visual builder

This seems suspicious. Can you share more information I will try and reproduce on your version.
I tried it with the same data provided with Kibana on 7.4 and here are the screenshots for TSVB for the same timespan of 1 year ( TopN, Metric Timesereis) .

Based on the data you showed, this is expected, but I can see why this is confusing. TSVB takes your time range, such as 1 year, and slices it into an automatic interval. Only the last bucket is used for Metric, Top N, Gauge, etc.

To change this behavior, there are two options:

  • Upgrade to 7.4- in this release we allow you to select "Use entire time range" or "Use last bucket" for each part of TSVB
  • Instead of using an auto interval, set a manual interval that is larger

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