TimeLine as Weblogic Flow Trace

Hi all!

I'am trying create APM monitoring on weblogic soa server.

It's working ok, agent is connecting, information retrieve, but that's not what i want.

Weblobgic EM has a function, Flow instance -> Flow trace

can I do something like this in APM?

Hi @TidalPoo ,

I'm not familiar with Weblogic EM/SOA, but it looks like Flow Trace here is very specific to Weblogic. Does it behaves more like a message-driven framework (like Kafka/JMS), or more like a request/response lifecycle where each would be instrumented as a transaction ?

We don't have automatic support for this, but you could still use APM agent + our Public API to create transactions programatically by using any hooks that Weblogic could provide (if there is something similar to Filter in Servlet API, that's a good candidate).

HI @Sylvain_Juge
thank you for your answer

How can I configure the agent to commit a transaction based on a specific ID in the metadata? Any doc? weblogic has a flow ID, and I want to make a timelilne based on this ID, and not by classes and methods

Unfortunately, this is not possible, but what you can do is to capture the Flow ID with a label Public API | APM Java Agent Reference [1.x] | Elastic

So, while the trace itself will remain "as it was executed and captured by the agent", you can build correlation between the Flow ID and the Transaction/Span ID.

Also, if using log correlation feature, you can inject the Trace ID into the application logs. I need to check if we can also use tags here to allow injecting both Transaction ID and the Flow ID directly into logs.

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