Timelion: calculations on discrete times

I am not sure that my headline really describes what i want to do so I hope that my explanation bellow is clearer.
My data look's like in the image bellow.

I am trying to understand if it's possible to get from Timeline (or any other way that you can point me to) the discrete times X1,X2 and X3, when my data from A = (X1+X2) and from B = (X2+X3).

Basically what i want to do is to get X1,X2,X3 times and be able to do calculations on them.

The data that i have comes in a form of continuous time. For example for A it will be a continuous time (X1+X2) and i should be able to know where A well cross with B, get this crossing times and do calculations on them.

Any direction that you can point me to will be really helpful,
Thanks !

Can you share what type of calculations you're trying to do? Timelion will let you plot multiple lines on a chart and perform functions of aggregates of data. Do you want the end result to be a chart? Or a set of numbers?

If you need precise numbers, and a series of steps like first finding the intersection, and then performing some math, I think it might be easiest to write something separate and use timelion to eyeball the results.

I got CPU's that preform reads/writes and i want to be able to calculate and plot the bandwidth of the reads/writes over time. The calculations are not the hard part , the hard part is to find the intersections.
I was wondering if there is any way to do that with Kibana/Timelion/Mathlion or any other way that you can suggest.

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