Timelion Daily Totals

Hello. I am trying to work in Timelion to show the total number of events received per day (24hour period). Instead, I keep getting the totals growing each day. I have included the "interval=24h" option. Is there a way to have it show the totals each day? I'm new to this and trying to learn as I go.

Thank you in advance for any comments, suggestions, or examples you share.

Hi @cburling,

Could you please paste your Timelion expression?

Thanks Vadim. Here is the expression:

.es(index=data-leakage*,metric=count,interval=24h,split=data_type.keyword:40,q="NOT data_type:GeneralStatus").label(regex="^.* > data_type.keyword:(\S+) > .*",label="$1").lines(fill=1,width=1).color(blue).title('Data Leakage - # of Records').legend(columns=4,position=nw)

@Vadims_Daleckis have you had a chance to check this? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

The interval=24h parameter itself should not start accumulating the data, at least when I tried it.

I've looked at your Timelion expression and I cannot see anything that should make it accumulate the data. But there is one trick you can do: you can create two time series offset by one day, and compute the difference between them. Something like this:

es(..., interval=24h).subtract(
    es(..., interval=24h, offset=-1d)

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