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I am trying to implement derivative, splitting between products and then If the result is greater than 2000 I want to show(label) the top 5 products with this result. Can we do that?
I tried the series below but it shows all 80 labels while I need only the top 5.

.es(index=test, timefield=time, metric=max:result, split=product:80).fit(carry).derivative().abs().if(gte, 2000, .es(index=test, timefield=time, metric=max:result, split=product:5).fit(carry).derivative().abs().label(" Result of [$1]", "^.* > product.keyword:(\S+) > .*"), null).points()

Thank you very much in advance!


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Hi Angelos,

I think that is unfortunately not possible. I tried to play around with, but can't achieve a result, that looks close to what you mention. Though I am not 100% sure I understand completely what result you imagine. Do you want for each timeslot on the x axis the 5 products with the highest derivative of the maximum in the result field? Or only the top 5, that had a derivative above 2000?


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Hi Tim,

Thank you for your fast response!
The second one. I want the top 5 products, that had derivative above 2000.
I have many products(80) so it is difficult to label them clearly, thats why I want sort them.
For example, there are products that reach over 2000 and I cannot see them because the label list is too long.


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