Timelion display just 12h and 00h?

please can you help me how can i display the points just of 12h and 00h?
I made this request but it will not work:
// .es (q = 'Date: yyyy-MM-12 AND yyyy-MM-00', index = data1, timefield = Date, metric = max: W_BLG)
thank youFig1

@data_scientist are you trying to only see the data point for those specific dates at 12h and 00h? Using a timelion query to the following, substituting the "ticks" of the specific dates that you're looking for should work: .es(q="@timestamp:[1521936000000 TO 1521939600000] OR @timestamp:[1521979200000 TO 1521982800000]")

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thank you for your answer, but the answer is just for one day. so, I want to display the values of every day of 12h and 00h ?

@data_scientist to perform this type of filtering using Timelion, you'll have to extract the "hour of the day" into a separate field that is indexed with your data, so you can use this new "hour of the day" field as your filter.

If you could potentially use the other Visualization types in Kibana, which support scripted fields, you can skip having to extract this field during ingest and use the scripted fields functionality to extract this field dynamically from your data

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Thank you Brandon_Kobe

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