Hello Experts,

I am trying compare success hit rate using Timelion feature.

This is my query: (I learned from youtube)
.es(index=swift-proxy-log-, q=status_code:200).label('current') .es(index=swift-proxy-log-, q=status_code:200).label('previous')

but I am running into below error:strong text
Timelion: Error: in cell #1: [parsing_exception] [query_string] unknown token [START_OBJECT] after [query], with { line=1 & col=223 }

I really appreciate your help!


I think you just need a comma between the two es statements. Try

.es(index=log*, q=status_code:200).label('current'), .es(index=log*, q=status_code:200).label('previous')

(but use your index pattern - I swapped mine in to test)

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Awesome It worked!

Could you please help on this question?


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