Timelion query spaces

Like the query asked here

Is there a way to get Timelion querys to accept spaces, I understand the query is a lucene query

The query I have in question is (which works perfectly well):

logger: SomeLogger+Monitoring AND message:"something happened when"

The Timelion expression I have is:

.es(index=indexName*,timefield=@timestamp,q=logger:SomeLogger+Monitoring AND message:"something happened when").lines(fill=2, width=3).color(red).label("Monitoring Events")

The below does not work either:

.es(index=indexName*,timefield=@timestamp,q=logger:SomeLogger+Monitoring AND message:something happened when).lines(fill=2, width=3).color(red).label("Monitoring Events")

Exception = Timelion: SyntaxError: {"type":"incompleteFunction","function":"es","location":{"min":0,"max":3},"text":".es"}

q=logger:SomeLogger+Monitoring\ AND\ message:something\ happened\ when

Will not work either

As per

Looks like you need q='message:"something happened"'

single quotes with inner quotes

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