Timelion wildcard query

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I have a stack of data, each of the documents has a name and a description. A name could look like this: 'Runtimeerror [-191]'. But the number isn't allways the same (Range from -1 to -100'000). I know that I can query them with a wildcard like:

GET /_search
"query": {
"wildcard" : { "Title" : "Runtimeerror *" }

Is it possible to do a query like the one above but with timelion?
The data also contains a timestamp.
I have something in mind like this: .es(index=*, q='Title:Runtimeerror *')


That query that you posted should work. The query syntax is the Lucene one, same as in Kibana and your ES query.

How do you mean that should work? I know that the query for Elasticsearch works, but how can I cram that query into the 'q' parameter of timelion? I tried .es(index=*, q='Title:Runtimeerror *') but it ony gives me the results like .es(*)

Remove the space before the *. It will work.

Oh yea it worked, thanks for that

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