Timelion expression


Timelion expression required


Hi All,
Below is the log format in our organisation, please let me know the expression for creation of TIMELION which can show us the graph of Response code : 200

Thanks in advance.


@timestamp December 11th 2018, 13:06:36.000
t _id xxxxxxxxxxxx
t _index xxxxxxxxxxxx
# _score -
t _type nginx-logs
t agent xxxxxxxxxxxx
t appid nginx
# bytes 46
t domain xxxxxxxxxxxx
t fields.bank xxxxxxxxxxxx
t fields.env Production
t host xxxxxxxxxxxx
t message xxxxxxxxxxxx
# proc_time 0.022
t remote_ip xxxxxxxxxxxx
t request xxxxxxxxxxxx
t response 200
t source xxxxxxxxxxxx
t tags xxxxxxxxxxxx
t timestamp 11/Dec/2018:13:06:36 +0530
t upstream_addr xxxxxxxxxxxx
t user_agent.build
t user_agent.device Other
t user_agent.major 40
t user_agent.minor 0
t user_agent.name Firefox
t user_agent.os Windows 7
t user_agent.os_name Windows 7
t verb GET

Hi, the expression will depend on what you want to visualize. Please see the following references as a starting point:


Your initial expression to filter to 200 response code may look something like this:

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