Timelion graph for dynamic array elements


I've got data as follows and would like to render a graph with Timelion.

  "_index": "test",
  "_type": "summary",
  "_id": "1552561142688",
  "_version": 1,
  "_score": null,
  "_source": {
    "databaseProductName": {
      "MySQL_5-5": 20,
      "MySQL_5-6": 41,
      "Microsoft_SQL_Server_12-00": 97,
      "Microsoft_SQL_Server_13-00": 124,
      "Microsoft_SQL_Server_14-00": 57
  "fields": {
    "reportTimestamp": [

In Elastic this means something like this:
databaseProductName.MySQL_5-5 with value 20
databaseProductName.MySQL_5-6 with value 41

There is one document per day. The graph should show one line per databaseProductName (e.g. MySQL_5-5) with the value (e.g. 20). The databaseProductName keys are dynamic so new names can occur anytime. I don't want to manually update the graph to include new names.

I thought this should be easy with Timelion but so far I struggled to find a way to do it. Can this be achieved with Timelion or other Kibana means?


They way the data looks now it's very hard to draw the graph that you want. I would recommend changing the way the data ingest looks, creating one document for each datbaseProductName. It can have the same data except having two fields instead of that array:
databaseProductname as a string, with the key from the pair, example: "MySQL_5-5"
databaseProductValue as a number, with the value from the pair, example: 20

then you can do filters and various aggregations on the databaseProductName field.

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