Timelion in 7.10.0 does not work with single quotations anymore

After upgrading from version 7.9.3 to 7.10.0 my timelion views are broken. I was using before. E.g

.es(index='logstash-*',q="subtype=EQS", metric="sum:payload_length").cusum()

=> and get an error:
Timelion request error: undefined SyntaxError: {"type":"incompleteFunction","function":"es","location":{"min":0,"max":3},"text":".es"}

after changing it to:
.es(index="logstash-*",q="subtype=EQS", metric="sum:payload_length").cusum()

it works again. Seems like your parser has changed. This is very nasty because I use a lot of timelion commands.

Could someone comment on this issue if this a bug or a feature?. It should at least mentioned in the upgrade notes.

Hi, this does indeed look like a bug, I can replicate the behavior. This definitely did not happen on purpose, could you create an issue in the Github repo? https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/new?template=Bug_report.md

I created

for the issue

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