Timelion Label Multi Regex not working

Hi guys,

I'm using timelion and one of my functions returns this default label :

q:field1.keyword:"val1" AND field2.keyword:"val2" > avg(field3)

I'm trying to get the label below :

avg(field3) - val1 - val2

So I'm using the function .label() with $1 like :

.label("$1", ".* > (.*).*") 

which gives me a good start : avg(field3)

but I expected to be able to add a $2, $3 into my function like :

   .label("$1 - $2 - $3", ".* > (.*).*", "another_regex", "another_regex")

Indeed, I've got the bellow :

Am I doing something wrong ? Is there another way to achieve what I want to do ? Otherwise, is this a known issue you guys are working on ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I don't think multi regex is really supported in Timelion. And sadly there won't be any more work done on Timelion as it's currenly being phased out by TSVB. Can't you achieve the same thing with the math aggregation in TSVB?

Hi @Marius_Dragomir , thanks for answering

Really ? ... Timelion looks more powerful to me !

Alright - can be closed then :slight_smile:


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