Timelion .label() not working

I want to change the label to just contents of ip_log.keyword like below.

About to send heartbeat from server to agent 21,i have tried below but it doesn't seem to be working ,please help

.es(index="agentlogs30",timefield="log_day",split=ip_log.keyword:19,q="agentIpAddress:" ).label("my very own static text [$1]","^.* > ip_log.keyword:(\S+) > .*")

This is a duplicate of Unable to change the label in timelion I believe? Unless I missed how this question differs?

Yes,first time when i posted i got an error,hence had to repost it,sorry for the trouble


.label(regex="^.* ip_log.keyword:(.+) > .*$", label="$1").

Worked perfectly thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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