Timelion Chart Custom Label Issue

Hi - Im trying to define a TimeLion visualisation usint the following expression


This works but the labels show ion the chart are as follows

q:corr > DeviceVendor.keyword:F-Secure > count
q:corr > DeviceVendor.keyword:Microsoft > count
q:corr > DeviceVendor.keyword:ArcSight > count
q:corr > DeviceVendor.keyword:Check Point > count

I want to make these look a little tidier so tried to specify my own label by changing the expression to

.es(corr,timefield=rt,split="DeviceVendor.keyword:10").label("[$1]", "^.* > DeviceVendor.keyword:(\S+) > .*")

The labels now show

q:corr > DeviceVendor.keyword:Check Point > count

Note the issue with the last label - is this caused by this vendor string having a space in it? if so how can I change it so that the space is ignored and I get
[Check Point] as the last label

Thanks for your help

Yes, that's the reason. If I'm not wrong you can fix the regex as the following:

.label("[$1]", "^.* > DeviceVendor.keyword(.*?) > .*")

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